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Tourism can take many forms across the world, but everyone involved in this industry (business, destinations and visitors) has a responsibility to ensure that tourism is a force for good. A force that sustains jobs, conserves cultural and natural heritage and provides fabulous experiences.

The Responsible Tourism Partnership works to help businesses and communities around the world to maximise their potential for responsible tourism through a range of activities and initiatives. The Responsible Tourism Partnership (RTP) ran the 1st International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations in South Africa in 2002 and the series is now well established. Each conference is run in partnership with a host organisation which organises the event. The programme is agreed between the co-chairs Professor Harold Goodwin and a local co-chair. Details of the ICRTD series are here

Responsible Tourism is about making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.


There are a series of Facebook pages which offer an opportunity to share and debate the issues. The links are available on the


Better Tourism

These pages have been opened to facilitate debate and information sharing on particular issues.

Better Child Protection
Better Tourism
Better Volunteering

Better Holidays
Better Holidays in Barcelona and Catalonia

There are a series of Facebook pages which offer an opportunity to share and debate the issues.

Responsible Tourism Practitioners
Irresponsible Tourism
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    • tourism businesses in destinations & originating markets
    • local & national governments
    • local communities
    • travel writers & journalists

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